Ten Important Site Selection Questions


  • Does your company employ a person whose specific job responsibility is site selection?
  • Do you know who your typical customer is? Have you developed a customer profile?
  • Does your company have minimum site selection standards and requirements?
  • Besides demographics, does your company look at psychographics?
  • Has your company recently completed any customer surveys?
  • Does your company use drive times or radii to identify customer trade areas?
  • Would you classify your business as being convenience or destination oriented?
  • What type of anchor business(es) do you typically like to be near?
  • Which one type of business provides your business with the greatest amount of synergy?
  • Is there one shadow business you always look for when making site selection decisions?
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Noteworthy Quote

Site selection is neither an art nor a science. Rather, it is a combination of both.

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