It is important to understand that making “home run” location decisions is much more similar to running a marathon than it is to running a sprint. Unfortunately, completing the extensive preparation that goes into a marathon isn’t something that everyone is willing to commit to. As a result, lots of people and many small companies are only prepared for a sprint. The consequence of not doing sufficient homework or not investing in location intelligence means that many decision makers risk seeing their businesses realize their full potential.

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The most expensive investment a company makes is in its real estate, regardless of whether a property is leased or purchased. Consequently, making a wrong location decision can turn out to be a costly mistake.

In addition to the variety of consulting services identified on LDA’s Home page, Location Decision Advisors offers coaching, mentoring, training assistance, and site selection seminars and workshops. For clients with tight budgets, LDA is happy to make one or more site visits and provide either a preliminary or comprehensive site assessment.

Frank Raeon, the Principal of Location Decision Advisors, welcomes the opportunity to speak at conferences and lead, as well as participate in, site selection workshops and educational sessions.

While based in the Midwest, Location Decision Advisors is capable of providing a variety of valuable site selection services throughout the United States. If you are looking to employ the services of a professional who has a long track record of producing winners and avoiding losers you are encouraged to call or email Frank Raeon today for both pricing and availability information.

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The ability to identify prime real estate is the foundation for both business success and profitability.

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