The ABC’s of Site Selection


The ABC’s of Site Selection is about helping you succeed. It provides you with the tools you need to make “home run” location decisions for your retail or restaurant business.

In addition to describing the six keys, The ABC’s of Site Selection discusses primary and secondary site selection variables, the many different types of locations which exist, how to estimate sales, why you need to use a Site Selection Scorecard, the importance of demographics and psychographics, why short form and long form customer surveys are invaluable, and the real meaning of the wildly popular but little understood phrase Location, Location, Location. In addition, you will enjoy reading many interesting information nuggets.

Site selection is a process which involves doing lots of homework. In the long run, doing homework is the only way to justify making what will surely turn out to be a major financial investment.

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If you want to succeed it is absolutely imperative that you understand that site selection is all about employing a systematic and disciplined approach - one which is intended to minimize mistakes and maximize opportunities.

Others who will gain important knowledge from reading The ABC's of Site Selection include commercial realtors, developers of shopping center and mixed use properties, directors of small business centers, SCORE counselors, Chamber of Commerce officials and Chamber members, city planners, community and economic development officials, redevelopment corporations, and, college and university professors who teach classes in real estate, geography, urban planning, and business.

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"Frank Raeon's "The ABC's of Site Selection" contains a treasure trove of information."

Shaun A. Bond, PhD
West Shell, Jr. Professor of Real Estate
University of Cincinnati

Relying upon a Site Selection Scorecard is a great way to begin separating the winners from the losers.