Location Decision Advisors

Location Decision Advisors (LDA) is a real estate consulting company
whose primary focus is helping retail and restaurant companies achieve
greater business success through improved site selection. LDA welcomes the opportunity to work with small businesses, multi unit operators, and franchise companies whose stated goals are to increase not only their number of units, but individual unit sales volumes.

Working as a strategic partner, LDA helps retail and restaurant decision
makers learn not only which areas to target for expansion but which
sites and spaces are best suited for becoming “home run” locations.

Providing business attraction and tenant recruitment services for landlords and developers is a secondary LDA focus area. Here, our goal is to increase both the amount and quality of customer traffic visiting retail centers and mixed use developments.

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In addition to retail and restaurant site selection, LDA specializes in the

  • establishing site selection criteria
  • demographics and psychographics guidance
  • site/location audits
  • strategic growth planning
  • the design, administration, and evaluation of customer surveys
  • the creation of customer spotting maps
  • sales forecasting
  • developing site selection success manuals
  • business prospecting
  • development guidance
  • structuring Letters of Intent
  • lease review and negotiations
  • seminars, workshops, and training programs
  • Expert Witness testimony

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You need to focus your efforts, your energy, and your money on finding only one type of location - the "home run" location.

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